Independent Reading


 These are the ideas shared during our February in-service.

What: Gain understanding of a text through communicating to other in the form of a letter

How: Students will independently read a text and then choose one other student/teacher to write a letter explaining the theme, plot, a quote, and whether they enjoyed it or not

Why: to vest interest in independent reading, show/demonstrate understanding

book worm

What: Read and analyze a writer’s perspective (W, W, W, & H) of a particular time period; gain information from different perspectives (for an assigned independent reading text)

How: Participate in a walking discussion by reading and adding to the commenting on peers’ opinions and analysis of a text.

Why: Critical reading practice results in better reading comprehension.  Literature provides a mirror to help us understand ourselves and others by reflecting on heritage, diversity, and challenge in our society.

book worm

What: Miniature Socratic Seminar (fishbowl activity)

How: In small groups, students will questions from a bowl.  Discuss – 2 minutes; record group response – 2 minutes; reflect – 1 minute

Why: Assesses understanding and analysis of independent reading text.  Higher level thinking skills and collegial discussion.

book worm

What: The Character Encounter

How: Use notes taken on a specific character from SSR novel. (FOLDS already done in notebooks.)  Write a narrative that brings the character to “your” world.

  • Explain how you meet the character and how you interact with this character (friends/family)
  • Create a situation – conflict arises/must work with character to resolve it.
    • Identify conflict
    • Discuss steps to resolve

Why: By bringing characters into your world, it helps you to understand the story more clearly and helps us to better understand ourselves.

book worm


  • How can one analyze and make connections between two texts?
  • How can one make connections with primary and secondary sources?
  • How can one successfully prepare for the benchmark and PARCC exams?


  • Teacher models annotations and analysis with excerpt from The Glass Castle
  • Partner work to analyze song and picture with 2 short stories read in class
  • Introduction to readers’ workshop project (playlist or Instagram)


  • Develop skills in analyzing music and photographs in relation to a text
  • To annotate text with music and text with a photograph to prepare for benchmarks and PARCC

book worm

What: Synthesize information from independent reading into a performance assessment

How:  Students worked in Literature Circles and met every Friday for a month to discuss pre-assigned readings and roles.

Why:  Sustained reading and working cooperatively is an essential skill in a college and the workplace.



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