I’m Tara, the creator of the BHP English Headquarters blog.  I am the Language Arts Literacy Coach at Black Horse Pike Regional School District.  I taught high school English for 8 years before taking this role, which I’ve been in since 2013.  I have an undergraduate degree from Loyola University in Maryland and a masters degree from Rutgers University in Camden, both in English.  In addition to my teaching and coach roles, I have been a workshop presenter in the district for over 3 years.

I created this blog in order to have a place for the district’s English teachers to go for ideas related to department and district goals, hitting common core standards, resources and the trends and ideas flourishing in education.  It is designed to be useful.  While theory is important, teachers need ideas that are laid out in such a way that they are immediately applicable to the classroom and what they teach.  So resources are accompanied with questions or ideas for use already brainstormed for their benefit.

And, of course, even though I created this blog as a resource for my colleagues at Black Horse Pike Regional, it has resources and ideas applicable for teachers from multiple disciplines and across the globe.  So I hope teachers from all over feel free to use this blog for its resources and ideas.

My goal as I continue the blog is to increase community engagement with ideas through comments.  I am working on this community engagement through my Twitter account as well (@tk_wood) so feel free to find me there!




Any ideas I post on this blog are my opinion and do not reflect the opinions of the district in which I work.

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