Infographics of the Week, 10/6 – 10/10: Tips for Building Better Presentations

Well, hello.

Fancy meeting you here for the third installment of “Infographics of the Week.”¬† Don’t forget to let me know if you’re looking for something specific (topic, theme, etc) for these weekly visual text thrill-rides. ūüėČ

Some of you may not be terribly far off from introducing or collecting performance assessments for first marking period, and everyone will be doing them by the second marking period, so this week’s infographics are designed to help you help your students (while still analyzing visual text!)

The following infographics are all about creating better presentations.¬† This would be a great (and new) way to¬†begin the discussion about what makes a good presentation and your expectations for oral presentations–group or individual.¬† If you’re already done presentations, these are great discussion-starters that could turn into a reflective self-assessment¬†piece . . . “How good was my presentation?¬† How can I make it better?”

So without further ado (you can click on them to make them larger):

How to create a powerpoint instantly improve your presentations Presentation Dos and Don'tsthink-outside-the-slide--12-simple-tips_5240002891574

(note: the first infographic was slightly modified to be more school appropriate)


Remember, if you ever see an infographic here that you like and would want it as a poster in your classroom, we can arrange that (so let me know!).