Accessing Complex Texts

This page is an on-going compilation of texts, links, and other resources to assist teachers in applying the “Kehinde Wiley Effect” to their classrooms.   We hope you continue to check back, as we plan to continue to update our google doc text clusters and links as we expand the relevance and accessibility of complex texts our students need with the aid of contemporary voices.

Text Clusters – organized by great-idea, including literary texts and a variety of contemporary voices.

Kehinde Wiley Effect playlist

The “Kehinde Wiley Effect” was born out of our appreciation of Kehinde Wiley’s classic art re-imagined with black males in street clothes.  We presented our first iteration at the National Council of Teachers of English Convention in 2015, “Diverse Language Arts through Contemporary Voices: Applying the ‘Kehinde Wiley Effect’ to Engage, Invest, and Invite Students to Complex Texts.”  Our presentation can be viewed here.

We define the “Kehinde Wiley Effect” as the use of diverse contemporary texts to provide entry, access, and engagement with the complex texts demanded by curricula and the CCSS.