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Tips, Tricks, and Treats 2016-2017

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Session 1: Classroom Management & Organization

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Session 2: Fostering Creativity and Curiosity in the Student-Centered Classroom

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Session 3: Technology in the Classroom, February 21, 2017

Tips, Tricks, and Treats 2015-2016

Session 1: Classroom Management & Organization

Session 2: Fostering Creativity in the Student-Centered Classroom

Session 3: Technology in the Classroom:

  • Twitter – use for professional development (follow me @tk_wood to get started) and/or to extend the classroom discussion
  • Poll Everywhere – create live polls that students can respond to simply by texting – options for multiple choice, open-ended, Q&A Brainstorm, or a clickable image
  • Plickers – use for classroom polling/anticipation guides, formative assessment, and assessment reflection – if you want, assign students to a card and gather data using scoresheet
  • Blogging
  • Kahoot – create and play learning games in the classroom. The students love it (and sometimes even ask for it!)
  • Virtual Field Trips – engage students in learning outside of the classroom walls, even when you can’t afford a bus!  These “Top Ten Virtual Field Trips” would be a great start to applying your content area beyond the classroom.
  • Prezi – create a presentation (pair with free Voice Record Pro app)
  • Screencast-o-matic  – an easy-to-use FREE (for up to 15 minutes) program that records your voice as your click through anything on your computer screen.  Maybe you’ll use Power Point and flip your classroom, maybe you’ll create a resource for finding the databases for research at home, maybe you’ll show students how to navigate an excel spreadsheet . .. the possibilities really are endless here!
  • – check for plagiarism/originality, have basic grammar checked for you, leave text or verbal comments, create peer review assignments, monitor the revision process using revision assistant. Sign in to the district website and go to the Technology FAQ to get the information needed to create an account
  • Piktochart – You or your students can sign up for free to create infographics
  • Thinglink – Students choose or create a visual and add links, text, pictures, etc.
  • Schooltube – It’s a safe, moderated environment where students can post self-produced videos for classroom use: from the educational (a civics presentation or algebra class) and practical (morning announcements) to the fun (last night’s girls’ soccer game)

For more Tech ideas: 2014-2015: ThingLink & Blog Post