No Time for Book Talks?

Janine D’Auria, Triton’s new librarian, created a new blog called “Mustang Must-Reads” where she highlights different books for young-adult readers!  It’s the newest addition to our links on the left-hand side!

If you don’t have time for book talks or can’t get through as many as you want, this is a great alternative and a great resource as you recommend books for students.

Welcome . . . and Help (please) :)

Howdy 🙂

So I’m testing out this blogging bit . . .  one place where you can go for updates!  All general information will go here!

Notice under “Blogroll” in the left-hand column that there are links to course-specific blogs that will have course-specific resources.

I’d love to hear what kind of things you would like to see here as I begin this blogging (ad)venture!

I put my twitter feed on the side, as I’m often tweeting and retweeting educational resources/articles that may work for you in your classroom.  That’s an easy way to check those out.

Also note, if you “follow” this blog (see “follow” button on the left-hand side),  you will get email updates when something new is posted!  Great way to be sure to be up-to-date!

Yay!! and Eek!

-Tara 🙂