Infographics on Infographics for the Week of 12/7/15

This week’s infographics are all about . . . well, infographics.  These are great resources if you’re looking for students to create original infographics in lieu of notes, as a study guide, or as a product of their research.  These can also begin discussions about purpose and audience and the decisions writers must make to reach the audience for their desired purpose.

Included are:  “The Anatomy of a Great Infographic,” “An Infographic about Infographics,” “7 Tips to Create an Awesome Infographic” “Why Infographics,” and “Why You Need Infographics.”

If you want students to create their own, check out and sign up for free!


anatomy of an infographicinfographic about infographicstips for creating an infographicwhy infographicswhy you need infographics

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