Meme Monday: Comma Sense

It’s Meme Monday here at BHP English Headquarters, and today we’re visiting the most used and the most misused punctuation mark, the comma.

Memes can make us laugh, but they can also be valuable teaching tools in the classroom.  They give a quick and often funny saying paired with a visual.  Displaying these in the classroom can help reinforce class rules and expectations or, in the case of today’s post, reinforce or teach grammar rules. (They also make for a more creative/out-of-the-box thinking assignment that could easily be a classwork/homework grade.)

The following memes could be used as warm-up activities where students try to define/identify the comma rule that’s being misused (aka . . . why are these memes funny?), as part of Writing Workshop mini-lessons, or has reminders of and references to comma rules you’ve already taught.

The comma rules our memes are covering today are:

  • Use commas to separate words and word groups in a simple series of three or more items.
  • Use commas to set off the name, nickname, term of endearment, or title of a person directly addressed.

commas 2 commas 5 commas

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