Infographics of the Week: All About Black History Month

There were no #infographics of the week this week, so this week and next week’s will combine, and it’s all about Black History Month.

If you’ve been using infographics often in class as visual text or you’re teaching it as genre, it might be interesting to add a new question to the mix when analyzing infographics: What are the characteristics of an infographic?

It may even be beneficial to start assessing infographics, not just for their reliability (a great activity when modeling how to analyze a source for reliability and relevance to a topic), but also for their effectiveness.  What makes an infographic effective? Why are some infographics more effective than others?  In asking (and answering) questions like these, students are getting practice with analysis and evaluation of text.

Without further ado, here are this week’s infographics:

2015_black_history_timeline black history month 2 black history month black-history-month_5306b3f0d8703_w1500 civil-rights-timeline_529e4beb86eaf_w1500


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