Infographics of the Week: January 26-30th: Brands and Logo Design

For these week’s IOWs, a series of sources that can be analyzed on their own or can lead to an analysis of a logo.

This can be:

1. Practice with visual-text analysis – the logo and/or the infographic (tie it to informational text and it’s good benchmark-practice and paired-text practice).

2. Preparation for multi-genre research paper (12th grade teachers) for a. thinking about color and design (check out the last one!) and b. analyzing sources

3. An entry into a discussion about how and why things evolve (11th grade teachers . . . language essay?)

4. An invitation to assess the reliability and credibility  of a source based on a. what’s cited (or not), b. time of publication, and/or c. hogwash or credible theory?

5. An evaluation of hidden messages or propaganda

brand and color brand logos color and brands the 10 commandments of logo design


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