Infographics of the Week for Sept. 29-Oct 3: Is a College Degree Worth It?

Here are your infographics of the week for next week.  They sit on different sides of the question, “Is a College Degree worth it?” so in addition to analysis, these could be used for an argu-write or personal response in the writers’ notebooks.  Below the infographics is an article Karyn Miller shared that relates to this week’s topic. 🙂

Bachelor's degree worth it Effects of rising college costs Is college worth it why go to college

(Click to make larger)

Here’s a related article from The Chronicle of Higher Education, complete with a quick write: College Readiness – Position QW (Thanks Karyn!)

Here are the discussion questions Brett Vogelsinger uses:

  • Which of these was the best infographic and why? (when looking at multiple)
  • How does the writer try to engage an audience, even an audience who may not initially care about the topic?
  • Is the text or the visual design most important in each of these? How does the use of color and white space affect your ability to focus on the main message of the infographic? How is font size used to emphasize certain facts?
  • Does the infographic make a claim or develop an argument? If so, how can you tell?

If you would like a certain topic/theme covered in “Infographics of the Week,” let me know in the comments or through email.  If you develop additional questions for use in your class and would like to share, please do!


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