The Power of The Educated Woman: Extremists’ Greatest Fear; Ideas for bringing the Nigerian Abductions to the Classroom

You have to read Leonard Pitt’s take on the terrorist kidnapping of Nigerian girls: Extermist Islam is Scared of Little Girls, and the Women They’ll Become. It’s a great article that begins to hit the bigger issues invested in the (somewhat) recent kidnapping of Nigerian girls.

It works great with:

Socratic Seminar: This would make a great Socratic Seminar text – I think it would elicit a fascinating (and necessary) discussion about the importance of being educated, staying educated, and finding “truth” in a world that would (arguably) prefer us to remain ignorant, so that it may have power over us. Power feeds on ignorance.

And/or we could explore any of these other issues at stake:

Power of Education: This would be great paired with other readings on the power of education (Frederick Douglass comes to mind) and its ability to combat ignorance and challenge the norms of a social and political structure. He mentions Malala, so this excerpt from her memoir might be a nice addition.

Women’s Rights: It fits in with historic arguments about women’s rights – Mary Wollstonecraft, Abigail Adams, Virginia Woolf, Elizabeth Cady Stanton – another example of why women’s rights are withheld and must be fought for.

Global Awareness: This would work great with a group of current-event texts about the kidnapping of the Nigerian women, and perhaps some visuals from the “Bring Back Our Girls” support campaign that celebrities are championing.


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