Welcome . . . and Help (please) :)

Howdy 🙂

So I’m testing out this blogging bit . . .  one place where you can go for updates!  All general information will go here!

Notice under “Blogroll” in the left-hand column that there are links to course-specific blogs that will have course-specific resources.

I’d love to hear what kind of things you would like to see here as I begin this blogging (ad)venture!

I put my twitter feed on the side, as I’m often tweeting and retweeting educational resources/articles that may work for you in your classroom.  That’s an easy way to check those out.

Also note, if you “follow” this blog (see “follow” button on the left-hand side),  you will get email updates when something new is posted!  Great way to be sure to be up-to-date!

Yay!! and Eek!

-Tara 🙂


12 thoughts on “Welcome . . . and Help (please) :)

  1. yay! Blogs make me happy ! This is my blog wishlist : Links to on-level reading for each grade, professional development or essay contests that come around, teachers showing off cool student work, an “Ideas that are awesome” section for each grade level that teachers can post to…thank you Santa


  2. I agree with Jessica! I’d love to see links to mentor texts, ( I’ve used a few Penny Kittle has tweeted). Thank you & good luck with this new venture!


  3. Hello! I would love to see some ideas for inclusion teachers, especially differentiation ideas.
    Thanks for venturing into the blog world for us!


  4. Can we get reminders about upcoming PLCs, benchmarks, and department meetings? I know we received all of this information and I write it in my erincondren calendar, but I’d love a little blog post reminder too!


  5. This feels a lot more comfortable and “user friendly” than the SHARED DIRECTORY on the district website. With so many teachers in our district-wide department, it’s hard to get to know people, even if we teach the same courses. I like hearing the “voices” of my colleagues and look forward to sharing materials and ideas and supporting one another. Thanks, Tara Kathleen!


  6. This blog is such a great resource! And I agree…so much easier than getting lost in the shared directory. Although you’ve done a great job cleaning that up too =) Thanks Tara!


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